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Genessia CR Chart

Fai has a cafe and is letting me stay with him at his house. He's been here for a year already. I'm glad that I found him. We've become closer than before like a family. Sometimes he’s very busy and I miss him but I can’t be selfish.

Family | Fai
I didn't think I would find him here. I knew it was possible, I've always known but seeing him when I have only a few memories of him. It's a little strange. He’s my father though and I don’t think anything will make me feel differently towards him.

Father | Clow Reed
Yuuko is the one who gave Mokona to us to help us collect my feathers. She's really pretty and mature. I don't know a lot about her but she's always been so nice to me. I hope I can grow up to be as amazing as she is.

Friend | Ichihara Yūko

She is very nice. I know I can't do much but she said that smiling is important. Fai-san had said that too once. So I know she's a good person. She said she’d help me train and be stronger too. For self defense.

Friend | Yui
She is very nice. She works at Fai-san cafe! So we might get to work together. I'm excited to get to know her more.

Coworker | Petra Ral
Someone got her a present but she didn't know who. She thought it might be her sister who is also in the city. Somehow it reminded me of my brother. It was nice to talk to her.

Acquaintance | Princess Anna

We first met when he arrived but I found out that he’s a doctor. He looks like a deer and I think it’s really cute. We talk some but not very often, he gave me a definition of death that I wasn’t exactly expecting…

Doctor | Chopper
She is very nice and taught me more about soccer. We have the same name! Which I think is amazing. I hope we can be really good friends.

Friend | Sakura
We are best friends now. I’m not sure how it happened when we first met we explored Nova City together. She’s a princess like me but the opposite. Her home is all snow while mine was a dessert. I hope we can be friends forever.

Best Friend | Anastasia

He opened his own food cart and then later a restaurant. I think it’s amazing; I want to be able to be more confident in my baking too. I think… I’ll try and follow his example.

Stranger | Ryo Kurokiba
She's missing someone very dear to her. I don't know if he will come back here but I do know that they will be reunited. I hope that I was able to give her a little bit of hope.

Stranger | Mikasa Ackerman
We talked about worlds and finding parks. There aren't any parks in Clow Country. At least none that I remember, I wonder if there are parks that we just don't know about yet? We are going to go look!

Friend | Sein

She's a dragon. She's very pretty. I've been thinking of talking to her more but I don't know what to say. I don't want her to be upset with me but I can't forgive myself for what happened.

Friend | Azalea
She asked me about my feather. I think she's going to help, I can't believed I caused all of this.

Stranger | Dairine
She's really nice. I hope to get to know her more. She's much more sensible than I am and she seems very mature even though she's only a little older than me. I hope I can be like that too.

Acquaintance | Yukiko

She came in to eat at the cafe. She's very nice and she even left me a tip. I’ve seen her a few times since but it’s always in passing. I think something upset her but I don’t think I know her well enough to ask about it.

Acquaintance | Belle
He saved me when I was trapped and used some sort of large bag. I wonder what that was but I'm a little nervous to ask. He really dislikes Fai, I guess it’s because they ran against each other for the position of Guardian but Fai’s a good person! I don’t understand.

Acquaintance | Ted
She helped me the most and was very nice. I really like talking to her even though I don't understand what she says all the time. I hope we can talk more!

Friend | Koishi

I don’t know how but we’ve become really close. He reminds me a little bit of my older brother but less of a pain. He still teases me but he looks out for me and we have a lot of fun together. Our last adventure involved laser tag!

Close Friend | Gale
She helped me with a costume and let me pick out what I was going to wear for Halloween. It was a lot of fun and I'm very thankful. She is the Guardian of Nova City now and I know she owns a very big company. She’s very mature and pretty.

Acquaintance | Weiss
He's helping me learn to swim! At first he scared me but I think I like him. I won a date with him and we went to mini-golf. It was a lot of fun though I don’t think he likes me that way. It’s still fun to hang out and I think we’re friends now.

Teacher/Friend | Sousuke Yamazaki

She used to take care of kittens here. Then she disappeared. She came back but it doesn’t look like she remembers me. I haven’t spoken to her recently and I can’t say I understand.

Acquaintance | Blake
He's a lot of fun! We talked about pictures but then also about pets! He's really friendly. He always seems to be smiling when I see him. I’m sure he gets trouble too but it’s nice to see someone else smiling.

Friend | Nagisa
He's from a place called the digital world. It reminds me to a place that I once visited but I'm not thinking that it's the same. Either way I hope we can be friends! He's very nice.

Acquaintance | Takato

He's looking for his friend and he wanted to meet Pikachu. He seems really nice and I hope we can be friends.

Acquaintance | Ichijouji Ken
She said that she could help me learn magic but it would be difficult. I know that... I know I have to work hard but I just want a chance.

Stranger | Maria
I met him while he was practicing soccer. It was amazing to see him kick the ball; you aren’t allow to use your hands. I hope we can talk more. He seemed nice.

Acquaintance | Conan

We just met but I think we can be great friends. He was a little tense when he first arrived, he was hunting a dragon but he seemed to relax some.

Friend | Van
He really likes coffee. More than I’ve ever seen anyone like coffee. We only met and spoke once but he was nice. I like helping people when I can.

Acquaintance | Nathan
She lives in Dracula’s castle. I don’t really understand how since she was so nice to me. Well, she helped me get out of there when I randomly teleported there. I’m lucky, I guess.

Aquantance | Konoka

A bush caught on fire in the park. It was strange and startled me and Pikachu. Ivina was there and she appeared to be concerned. I wonder how the fire stared?

Aquantance | Ivina
He marked on the office in Everglade and set a curfew. Anyone out after dark forfeits their lives to those who rule the dark. It makes things harder now. I don’t know what we are going to do.

Jerk | Dracula
I trust her and I think Fai knows her. She wants to help and she’s protected me more than a few times. She wants me to stay safe. Most people want me to stay safe and out of the way.

Friend | Bridget

He helped me in Everglade. It was after dark and at first I thought he was a large dragon. He was eating someone… but he lead me to a safe place. I was really lucky.

Aquantance | Alter Cipher
I met him and his birds at a party. He was very nice and very worried about his friends. I hope he doesn’t dislike me for feeding them.

Aquantance | Liam Randel
They are the two cutest birds I’ve ever seen. I fed them and they brought me really pretty earrings. We talked for a while that night and it was a lot of fun. I told them things I hadn’t been able to tell anyone else. Zenith has blue eyes and Nadir has red. They’re brothers.

I don’t remember a lot about her. She was here once before and we talked about her Torchick. She dressed it up like her boss. She woke up here again but I haven’t spoken to her.

Stranger | Neo
I don’t know her well. She told me about her own death. It was a stranger conversation and I can’t say that I understand anything better now.

Stranger | Marie
I told him I could talk to ghosts and he said he used to be one. We talked a lot though I haven’t seen him much since. He was nice and reminded me a little bit of a guard. I don’t know why. I am going to make him an almond cake!

Protector | Ronan

He didn’t talk for very long so I can’t say I know him well. I shouldn’t ask certain questions but I think m phrasing had been off. I don’t know.

Stranger | Artanis
She’s very nice and around my age I think. I don’t know her well and our first conversation didn’t go well. Honestly, it’s all my fault.

Aquantance | Hikari
She isn’t very nice. She froze the hologram and then after I returned she told me that being happy was pointless. Well… that’s what I took away from it anyway. I don’t know why she’s so mean…

Meanie | Icy

She came into the Café for some cake. I wasn’t feeling my best but I still smiled. I don’t think she liked the cake but she wouldn’t let me correct it…. I hope she comes back.

Customer | Adela
He is starting a band. I thought it might help distract me or help me feel like myself. I don’t know where part of me ends and another part of me begins. Maybe I can find it in music.

Performer | Dante
I am teaching him how to play stringed instruments. He’s very nice and very easy to talk to. I want to tell him about what I saw but I wonder if he’d stop being my friend if he knew???