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Name: Princess Sakura
Nickname's: Princess, Little Kitty, Sakura-Hime
Age: 14 (Currently 16 in Genessia)
Birthday: April 1st
Eye color: Emerald Green
Hair color: Light Brown

Yuu - Hair pin
Satsuki - A bunny eared hoodie
Gale - A pink gem stone necklace
Porrim - A Wing Shaw with a note: until you get yours back.
Fai - A jewelled bracelet which he got from the runes as well as some cooking books and toys for her pokemon.
Anastasia - A dress.
Koishi - Several large boxes of chocolates. Yes, several. [She doesn't know if she can eat them all alone.]

Living in a 4 bedroom house with Fai, pokemon and pets.

Everglade Deputy ***** : Job is to talk to ghosts and spirits.

Cat's Paw Cafe
Baker ***

Immense ability of transcending other worlds and dimensions and space-time (scattered in feathers of memory)
Prophetic Dreaming
Understanding the sensations, feelings and emotions of all living and non-living things (includes the inanimate things such as water, air, wind, fire, earth)
unnaturally good luck
Probability Manipulation/Control

Princess "Sakura" (original self)
Clow Reed ("Father" altered timeline, deceased)
Touya (Brother)
Clone Syaoran (husband) - NOT YET!
"Syaoran" Li (son)
Kimihiro Watanuki (son)


Level 48. Female Pikachu - Gentle Nature
Moves: Nuzzle (Electric), Thunderbolt (Elec), Slam (Normal), Feint (Dark)

Level 36 Female Lopunny (NORMAL)
Moves: Quick Attack (Normal), Jump Kick (Fighting), Baton Pass (Normal), Dizzy Punch (Normal)

Lvl 34 Male Poochyena (Dark)
Moves: Tackle (Normal), Roar (Normal), Assurance (Dark), Bite (Dark)

Level 21 Male Tyrunt (Rock/Dragon)
Moves: Charm (Fairy), Bite (Dark), Stealth Rock (Rock), Bide (Normal)

Lvl 30 Female Dragonair (Dragon)
Moves: Agiliyu (Psychic), Slam (Normal), Twister (Dragon), Thunder Wave (Elec)